So, who are The Two Georges?

The Two Georges was founded in April 2013 after George Jenkinson (formerly Clean and Green Waste Removal) sold George Constantinou a stake in his business. Long standing friends we have collectively 12 years experience in the trade. We are a local, independent and dynamic company, passionate about recycling with a determination to help reduce landfill waste.

In 2016 George Constantinou decided to leave the company and return to his previous employment driving HGV. George Jenkinson is still running the business, he can also be found on this link Jenkinsons of Hawkesbury

The Two Georges is fully licensed and insured, and strictly only uses licensed businesses for recycling and waste disposal. The company follows the ‘Three R’s’ – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle – with a target of recycling 85% of customers’ waste.

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